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David Copello Guild is a Bay Area based design and manufacturing company that was founded in 1990 by David Copello, a second generation machinist who was refined under the Yokohama Hatekeyama furniture master. Our passion for design and manufacturing is the heart of our business. Like the guilds of old, we too are passionate designers and creators. We use the technology of our time to temper the beauty of ancient forms with the principles and patterns of the modern, all our work is homemade.

These 30 years have helped us to perfect our work processes which has been a family legacy, we wish that every effort and heart that we have put into each of our products reaches you and makes us one family.

We pride ourselves in using only the best materials, such as solid brass, silver, nickel and bronze. We never compromise. No detail is too small. Whether it’s a radius or an angle, proportions count for us. Our products are individually serially numbered, which makes each product unique. Experience our world-class quality for yourself. Look for our seal and the brand made in California. It’s real! Come and see for yourself.

You can find our products in the following galleries:
Laurel Sprigg, Inc.

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