Natural Brass

Solid brass in its true, organic form! Given a gentle patina and sealed for protection.


Yes 99.9% Silver. Just like Breakfast at Tiffany’s! We recommend regular polishing to maintain shine or allow it to age naturally.

Black Bronze

Our darkest finish. Gently grained and leveled for a sleek and rich look. Go bold!

Light Antique Bronze

Our light antique bronze is truly a work of art that uses soft granulate and subtle shading. This finish is a true light antique and not a painting. It is a chemical process that gently ages brass to obtain a beautiful patina that highlights hand rubbed work. The surface is sealed to protect it.

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Deep, rich browns with chocolate highlights is what this finish is all about. This look can only be achieved with solid brass fully immersed in a chemical solution that deepens and accelerates the natural aging process, not with paint! Hand rubbed and highlighted and then sealed and oiled to give it a timeless look.

Polished Nickel

Our show quality nickel starts with the finest commercially available nickel there is, straight from the mines in Norway. This gives our fine polished brass a lustre and glow that is truly spectacular. Our preferred finish is a natural nickel finish with a hand polished wax. We recommend hand polishing from time to time to maintain the shine and brilliance of the nickel.

Antique Nickel

It all starts with nickel. The finish then goes through our aging process to deepen the color into a rich, leaded pewter. Elegance at its finest!

Satin Nickel

Hand polished and nickel plated to show quality is the basis of this impressive finish. It is then meticulously raked to show its grain and natural finish. No clear coat is applied.

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